Elizabeth Bell, Ph.D.

Associate Fellow (2020-21)

Office of Evaluation Sciences

Assistant Professor

Askew School of Public Affairs

Florida State University


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About Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration in the Department of Political Science at Miami University. She will be serving as an Associate Fellow with the Office of Evaluation Sciences from 2020-21, working to design and implement randomized control trials aimed at reducing administrative burden in federal programs. Her research is at the intersection of public management, policy design, and higher education policy. The goal of her research is to highlight and alleviate inequalities in access to public services and improve the ability of government programs to meet policy goals, with a focus on college access and affordability. Her work has been published in flagship journals including Public Administration Review, Policy Studies Journal, and American Educational Research Journal. Her teaching interests include public and nonprofit management, education policy and administration, and research methodology.


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